What Is A Disposable Toothbrush?

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What Is A Disposable Toothbrush?


A disposable toothbrush is a small, single-use toothbrush with bristles that have been “pre-pasted” with toothpaste. This toothpaste is activated when it mixes with water or saliva. Due to the fact that they do not require you carry toothpaste, disposable toothbrushes are an ideal choice for those who wish to keep their teeth clean and breathe fresh, while on-the-go or traveling,

Unlike some disposable toothbrushes that have no REAL toothpaste, and ONLY feature a “bead” of dehydrated sorbitol embedded in the brush head, the Brushee was built to make you feel as if you were brushing at home. The bristles are made of high quality nylon, and coated with toothpaste specially engineered to produce minimal foam. Leaving you with no need to rinse your mouth after brushing.

Our packaging allows you to easily pop them out one at time, to ensure your remaining Brushee's stay sterile when it is tucked into your purse or a pocket.

If you haven't tried a Brushee, grab a Pack TODAY!!!!!

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