Brushee’s Tips To A Healthier Smile (Snacking Edition)

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What’s going on fellow Brushee’ians!!!

On this beautiful day we are going to be giving you a basic tip to assist you with your oral hygiene.

See buying a BRUSHEE as a travel toothbrush to maintain clean and fresh smile while on the go, is a huge step toward fighting cavities and excess plaque.

However, it is crucial to know the when you should utilize your Brushee, to maximize on your oral health.

So here we go!

Eating Throughout The Day & Snacking
Often times you hear people raise the idea that you shouldn’t snack too frequently throughout the day, due to the potential plaque build. And while we certainly understand why this topic is raised, lets delve into the nitty gritty of the subject.

Plaque, Plaque, Plaque
Over time we all experience some sort of plaque buildup due to the foods and beverages we ingest. However, don’t just settle on the idea that just because this occurs, we are without options to prevent it.

Plaque and Our Diet

Now while we are huge proponents of proper nutrition and eating the right foods to maintain a healthy mouth, we aren’t naive to the fact that the average American diet, consists of snacks with high amounts of sugar and starches, that cause immediate plaque buildups, if we’re not careful

See within the first 20 minutes after we’ve snacked, food particles quickly take form in our mouth and attach to our teeth enamel. Which leads to their breakdown, and eventually cavities.

Brush Back Against Plaque
The good news is, we can still take a stand against plaque! In fact, the reason we created the Brushee was to provide you with a travel toothbrush that allowed you to snack frequently throughout day, while still easily removing plaque.

By carrying a Brushee with you to brush and floss between meals and snacks, your immediately fighting against the plaque build up before it even occurs, and protecting you and your family from potential tooth decay.

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