Brushee’s Tips To A Healthier Smile (Nutrition Edition)

Brushee’s Tips To A Healthier Smile (Nutrition Edition)


Interestingly enough, few people take the time to factor in the toll that inadequate nutrition has on oral health. In fact, when discussing “nutrition”, many refer to the benefits it has on the “the body” below the neck, and completely disregard what sugary sodas and processed foods can do to your mouth.

As mentioned in our previous article regarding snacking, when sugar comes in contact with the natural bacteria in our mouth, there is a 20 minute period following where acid attacks the enamel and gums within. Ultimately leading to cavities and tooth decay.

Now this doesn’t mean to remove EVERY single food and beverage that contains sugar. In fact, some of the most nutritious foods and beverages contain sugar, including milk and vegetables. But it is often the processed snacks, candies, and sodas that contain these higher levels of sugars we are referring to.

Also paramount to your long-term well being, are the vitamins and nutrients we obtain from the foods we consume. We recommend your diet contain whole food sources with higher levels of micro-nutrients, to strengthen and protect your teeth and gums. If your diet is poor and lacking in proper nutrients, you are at higher risk of obtaining tooth decay and other dental diseases.

In fact, many dentists believe that individuals with poor nutrition are more susceptible to periodontal disease, a major cause of tooth decay among adults. Although there is not a direct correlation, they claim the disease progresses faster in those who have a diet low in nutrient rich foods.

So to maintain optimal oral health, we recommend you eat a variety of nutrient rich foods. And unlike most, we don’t dissuade you from snacking during the day. Many of us are constantly on the go throughout the day, and refraining from fueling our bodies with proper food and nutrients is silly.

But if so, it is vital to make sure you brush and floss in between snacks and meals.

And naturally we recommend you use a Brushee to do so!

Our 3-in-1 combination of toothpaste, pick, and floss all in one brush, makes it easy for you and your family, to maintain optimal oral health!

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