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Brushee has toothpaste in the bristles, a toothpick, and floss. It fits in the palm of your hand - saving you valuable space and providing you with quick & easy oral care on-the-go.

Be Your Best Self.

Brushee is the revolutionary all-in-one tool that provides you with three cleaning functions to keep your mouth clean and fresh 24/7.

Just brush, pick, and floss your way to a beautiful smile with our innovative travel toothbrushes.

The Secret to Fresh Breath & White Teeth.

It's true. You can't mask bad breath with gum, or mints. Those are just temporary solutions that don't even provide dentist approved oral care. ‍

Brushee is a patented, simple, on-the-go solution, that lets you brush, pick & floss your way to a healthy mouth in seconds.

The On The Go Toothbrush with 3 in 1 Convenience

Brushee has toothpaste in the bristles, a toothpick and floss. It fits in the palm of your hand - saving you valuable space and providing you with quick & easy oral care.

The Small PRODUCT That WILL CHANGE Your Life

Committed To Sustainability

Oral Hygiene is important to all of the people on our planet, and as a company that is committed to raising the bar for oral care, we are also committed to making this world a better place for those who live in it. We want to help you keep your beautiful smile, and make sure you always have a reason to show it.




Why hasn't this always existed?

I travel a lot, and I always forget either my toothbrush, toothpaste or floss. I always keep a few packs of Brushee's in my luggage, my toiletry bag and my bathroom for guests. It's awesome that they are disposable and pocket sized, especially when you're going out to lunch or dinner.


Adam Burns
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Amazingly handy & a true lifesaver on
the go.

First time I used this I was at a work event and totally forgot to bring mints. Oddly, I brought these brushes with me as I saw the package on my way out the home door and decided to take it with since I was running late. On the way over to the event in my car I used it and it was perfect. My teeth felt clean and my breath felt fresh.


Lainy Sandovar
Galveston, Texas

Brushee makes so much sense on the go.

All of us have had this problem, where we just had a lunch and are running to an important meeting but don't have a disposable toothbrush or a bathroom accessible. This is an innovative and effective solution. The best part about them is that even though they are disposable, they can use used more than once.



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